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This is not a welcome to Adstringendum. Welcoming new arrivals and aiding them in adapting is the role of those already here, not text on a screen. It's said that the resident scientists of this world were working on an experiment that... well, it went wrong. Adstringendum is a convergence of worlds, a mash of timelines, and parallels in some cases. In the past we've sought answers. So far, we've turned little up. What we do know, is that the scientists originally responsible have disappeared, and the Animus - who seem to have over riding control of this world, are constantly at work. The Animus are not behind our arrival here; in point of fact, they do not want us here. However, for all their power, they seem unable to be rid of us.

As for a way back, I'm afraid we're completely at the mercy of luck. Those who have made attempts to leave have resulted in injury and in some cases, death. Although none of us know how to leave this place, people do tend to come and go. With that in mind, it's good to note that you may have been here before. You are unlikely to remember it, and even if it does return, you will never remember everything.

This place doesn't seem to take kindly to the whims of those who do decide that death is a risk they'd like to take. It's understood that the Animus take a 'price' for those who die here. You'll return, sometimes within a number of days, sometimes a week or more later. People have lost memories, abilities, limbs. Erring on the side of caution would be wise.

It's a good idea to watch out for the Animus. They cause what we've come to know as 'events' to happen, generally every other week. They seem to 'live' within the innermost center of the Inner City, but it is extremely dangerous to approach. The scientists who used to reside there are gone, with some evidence of violence. Insofar as we have been able to gather from the Animus, the survivors have fled somewhere underground. The outside, beyond the Wall, is called the Wastelands. The Wastelands are dangerous, best to be avoided where possible, go only if you're prepared.

The other major warning that needs bringing up is the animals that inhabit this place. As if they've been sucked from other worlds, too - we have a colourful bank of monsters and animals. Some of them are incredibly dangerous, and even live within the city limits wall. Watch your step, and please don't find it within you to pet the rabbits. You may well sacrifice a hand for the privilege. Where your world may have cute, cuddly, harmless creatures, any of those cute, cuddly, harmless creatures are completely dangerous. Herbivores are now carnivores and vice versa. Moths? They'll eat your clothes off. Plants can easily shred you and move around. Point being, take nothing for granted, because the knowledge you have from your world is more or less nullified here.

The device you're using? It's a PCD - or Personal Communication Device. You can post with text, or record a video, or record something audio as well. It can show co-ordinates, has a map of Adstring and can be filtered to one of a few people if you so choose for privacy, though this is never guaranteed. If you want to talk to someone and be assured of privacy, better to arrange a face to face meeting, to talk in person. Of particular importance here, is the location of Ms Unohana's clinic [x, y], both for any injuries people might have, and temporary housing for new arrivals. Also to be remembered is the fact that supplies are mostly scarce here, but the shops sometimes get in more stock, in terms of food, so we don't completely starve. Water and electricity is available in some areas, but still a work in progress.

Anything else, we're all happy to answer any and all questions, provided we have the answers. Any suggestions for information vital enough to be added to this packet should be directed to Sephiroth.

[OOC: Initial credit for this post goes to endthiscycle who first wrote it. It passed from there to general_mustang, and into Sephiroth's hands after him. It is edited and updated by each successor to remain current. Suggestions can be commented to this post.]


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